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  • 170-422 Richards St.
    Vancouver, BC V6B 2Z4
  • Toll-free: + 1.800.226.1792
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The latest in business strategy and marketing tactics, from our Newsletter:

Oct 01, 2012


Our work is too good! Our sites and marketing services and print/web campaigns are too high-quality and we are pushing this all to CRITICAL MASS!

…okay, maybe that’s a little dramatic. Although we really are that good, you’re not really in any danger. In fact, if anything, you’re in danger now, as our work is quickly filling the internet up so quickly that it may run out of real estate, causing your sub-par site—it’s alright, we know you didn’t design it—to get kicked right off, falling into the electronic ether of the interwebz.

Alright, that’s probably not true, either. But it should be, because your business deserves better. We can tell you just a few concrete things about us, as well as our approach:

1. More than anything, we sell ideas. And it’s hard to find those anywhere.

2. Crappy designers and marketers are now terrified. And rightly so.

3. Since thinking is the hardest work in any industry, most people don’t even bother (we do, though).

4. If you take quality out of your list of requirements, everything’s a lot easier, since pretty much anyone can do it (this is why we don’t really feel like we have any real competition)

5. We’re always upfront with everyone about our prices. There are no surprises, no Super Secret Club™ you’re not a part of—we’re above board with this stuff, and we’ll always give you the straight scoop.

And, in all seriousness, the main thing you should know:

Our goal is to build a sustainable, profitable, high-quality company, right here in Vancouver (which The Economist named the third-most livable city IN THE WORLD, bee tee dub). And we love it here—we’re proud to come from such a gorgeous, fantastic place, and we’re gonna do everything we can to help keep Vancouver on the map.

Questions? Get in touch. The very fact that you read all of this speaks to your good taste, and we’ll definitely make it worth your while.

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